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To cross the Alps by bike, we have been following this passion for almost 20 years. For the mountain bike we have over 40 different Alpencross routes in all levels of difficulty in our cycle tour program. A Transalp with the racing bike you can book with us. In this segment we have about 40 dates on offer. Since 2016, we also ride e-bikes across the Alps.

New Trips 2018

Dolomites panorama

Road Bike light

A round trip with start and finish in Mühlbach on four stages with a total of about 280 km and about 6100 hm: This tour through the Dolomites offers panoramic views of the extra class. More landscape, passes and unique panoramas are not possible on four days of light level driving.

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Dolomites panorama

Mountainbike medium

On four stages with a total of about 242 km and about 6100 hm through the Dolomites: A well-suited round trip for ambitious advanced.

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Dolo Lago panorama

Mountainbike light

On four stages with altogether approx. 205 km and approx. 4450 hm of Tramin to the Gardasee: A suitable Transalp for slightly advanced beginners. The continuation of our Dolomites Panorama Tour to Lake Garda.

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Hotel & MTB Greek Aegean middle

Mountainbike Tour

Easily manageable to sporty day trips with partly hilly stages from 15 to 40 km, with an average of 600 meters of altitude difference and ways of the singletrack scale to S2.

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